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Jun 28

London fire: Fire safety risk inspections pointless, says expert

The current system councils use “does not take into consideration important factors like cladding”. Source:: BBC News UK

Jun 28

Mobiles ‘fast replacing’ bank branch visits

Typical customers will visit a branch four times a year by 2022, compared to seven now, forecasters say. Source:: BBC News UK

Jun 28

Sir Philip sold BHS to dodge pension cost, says regulator

The regulator claims Sir Philip Green sold BHS to avoid paying for the pension if the firm went bust. Source:: BBC News UK

Jun 28

‘Near full-scale riot’

A former teacher reveals what it was like to work at a school given Ofsted’s lowest rating. Source:: BBC News UK

Jun 28

HMP Birmingham: Violence on rise, say inspectors

The stability of HMP Birmingham is under threat because of rising illegal drug use, inspectors say. Source:: BBC News UK

Jun 28

Hillsborough disaster: Charges decision due

Families of the 96 victims of the 1989 disaster will be told later what prosecutors have decided. Source:: BBC News UK

Jun 28

GCSE pass levels causing confusion over university entry

There are warnings of confusion over university admissions as changes to GCSEs create two different pass grades. Source:: BBC News UK

Jun 27

Fire brigade raised fears about cladding with councils

A letter was sent in May advising London councils to review the use of panels, the BBC learns. Source:: BBC News UK

Jun 27

Boy, 11, found dead with electrical burns at rail depot

British Transport Police say the boy’s death is currently being treated as “unexplained”. Source:: BBC News UK

Jun 27

Grenfell Tower victim’s name wins Philip Pullman auction

More than 400 bidders win the Authors For Grenfell Tower auction lot with a joint bid of £32,400. Source:: BBC News UK

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