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The UK’s most ambitious children

The jobs that youngsters want to do when they grow up reveal some striking differences. Source:: BBC News UK

Contaminated blood scandal: Inquiry ‘must uncover truth’

A public inquiry into a contaminated blood scandal that left nearly 3,000 people dead is due to begin. Source:: BBC News UK

Shared ownership: Problems halved or doubled?

Shared ownership, Help to Buy, and the Starter Home scheme can be confusing. Are they the answer for buying a first home? Source:: BBC News UK

New children’s novel brings refugee crisis to the classroom

How one author is bringing the refugee crisis to British schools with her first novel, The Boy At The Back Of The Class. Source:: BBC News UK

Front pages examine Labour Party conference

The Labour Party conference in the focus of several of Monday’s front pages. Source:: BBC News UK

The woman reclaiming nude for women of colour

Fashion brand Nubian Skin was borne out of Ade Hassan’s frustration that she couldn’t find nude tights to match her skin tone. Source:: BBC News UK

Child mental health: Camhs ‘not fit for purpose’

Families say children have to be suicidal before they receive help. Source:: BBC News UK

Labour conference: John McDonnell unveils £500 workers share plan

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell says he would force all large firms to share ownership with staff. Source:: BBC News UK

Man in his 80s arrested over Brooke stab death

A woman died of stab wounds at a property in Brooke, Norfolk, on Sunday morning. Source:: BBC News UK

Labour conference: deselecting MPs to be made easier

The party votes for the change as a union boss says some MPs are “almost asking to be deselected”. Source:: BBC News UK

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